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Voice Actors Say Classic “Looney Tunes” Characters ‘Fit Like a Glove’ in “Wabbit”

Voice actors JP Karliak and Bob Bergen discuss what they enjoy most about the new take on the classic “Looney Tunes” characters in “Wabbit” and how they keep their work and the characters fun. They also [...]

Bugs Bunny Actor Bergman & “Wabbit” Producer Channel the Original Rascal

The voice of Bugs Bunny himself, Jeff Bergman, and producer Gary Hartle discuss balancing a return to the iconic nature of early Bugs stories with modern sensibilities in “Wabbit — A Looney Tunes Prod.” and what [...]

“Hunters” Showrunner, Star Ask Larger Questions About Aliens & Human Nature

Inspired by Whitley Strieber’s “Alien Hunter” series of novels, Syfy’s “Hunters” tells the story of Flynn (Nathan Phillips), an FBI agent with a dark past searching for answers in the wake of his wife’s disappearance. That [...]

Stashwick & Acevedo Want to “Hit Back” in “12 Monkeys” Season Two

Syfy’s “12 Monkeys” revolves around a time traveler named James Cole (Aaron Stanford) who travels from the year 2043 to 2015 to stop a deadly plague that nearly wipes out humanity in 2017. Cole and José [...]

‘Desperate and Dangerous’ Characters Make Impossible Choices in Green & Pokaski’s ‘Underground’

In a TV landscape full of police procedurals, doctor and lawyer shows, and a growing number of super hero stories, WGN America’s “Underground” is a definite outlier. It’s the story of a group of slaves who [...]

“The Expanse” Stars Say ‘Juice,’ Practical Sets Make SyFy Series Something Special

Under the pen name James S.A. Corey, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck have created a beloved sci-fi novel series set hundreds of years from now in which the solar system has been colonized. But with control, [...]

“12 Monkeys” Showrunner, Star Explore Sanity, ‘Unlimited Potential’ in Season Two

If you’ve only seen Terry Gilliam’s 2005 film “12 Monkeys,” you don’t actually know the full story of “12 Monkeys.” Instead of a time-traveling Bruce Willis trying to convince Madeline Stowe he’s not crazy and that [...]

Stanford, Schull & Hampshire On ’12 Monkeys” ‘Mind-Blowing’ Season Two

Inspired by the 1995 film of the same name, “12 Monkeys” follows a time-traveler’s mission from the year 2043 to the present day to prevent a near-extinction-level event from occurring. With the help of virologist Dr. [...]

“How to Train Your Dragon” Writers Used Comic Books to Learn Visual Storytelling

In the second half of their conversation with CBR TV, “How to Train Your Dragon” writer/director Dean DeBlois and OGN co-writer Richard Hamilton share the comic books that left the greatest impact on them creatively, future [...]

“How to Train Your Dragon” Creators “Reinvent” the Franchise’s Storytelling for Comics

In part one, “How to Train Your Dragon” writer/director Dean DeBlois explains why the animated franchise is making the jump to the printed page at Dark Horse as well as what problems and possibilities it opens [...]

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