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CBR TV 2010: Bloopers & Kazoo Reel

We look back at the year that was on CBR TV through incredible kazoo performances and more than just a few hilarious screw ups, with appearances by LeVar Burton, Simon Pegg, Dan Didio, Grant Morrison, Brian Bendis, Corey Feldman, Jonathan Ross & many, many more. Happy New Year!

  • Anonymous

    Now that was some good stuff! Put a big smile on my face.nThx Jonah and crew!

  • Kyriemhz

    Hearing Levar Burton say “Let’s take this bitch out and see what she can do!” was such a strange flashback to TNG…

  • JxXxR

    “4? 4 BUCKS FOR THIS?!”..exactly how i felt about comic prices lol ok last comic pricing joke of the year

  • Saidestroyer

    hahaha good one. happy new year, everybody!!

  • Wes

    Nerd humor.

  • Excelsior

    Kazoo’s ?????nnI thought they were hitting Bongs. what a disappointment!!

  • Allysonsattic

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha….nThis was my first laugh this year…thank you. I loved it n

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahaha nLevar Burton is the Man!!!