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CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Janet & Alex Evanovich on Dark Horse, “Troublemaker” & More

New York Times best selling author Janet Evanovich and her co-writer and daughter Alex stopped by CBR TV to discuss their working arrangement on the Dark Horse published Alex Barnaby original graphic novel “Troublemaker,” how they [...]

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning on Working Together, Marvel’s Cosmic Line & More

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, collectively known as DnA, spoke to CBR TV about their working relationship, the ways in which the industry has changed since their days writing “Force Works” and “Resurrection Man,” writing science [...]

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Tim Kring on “Gate of Orpheus,” “Heroes” & More

"Heroes" creator Tim Kring discusses his new novel, "Shift," the impact technology has had on television watching as a whole and "Heroes" specifically, the final fate of the NBC series and more.

CBR TV @ NYCC 2010: Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá on “Daytripper”

Brothers Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá stopped by CBR TV's New York Comic Con tiki room to discuss who the better writer and artist is between the two, their collaborative process, the concepts behind their acclaimed Vertigo series "Daytripper" and much more.

CBR TV @ NYCC 2010: Jason Aaron on “Where the Hell Am I,” “Ultimate Comics Captain America” & More

Comic book writer and CBR columnist Jason Aaron spoke with CBR TV about “Where the Hell Am I,” his career in comics to date, developing “Ultimate Comics Captain America” with Ron Garney, his favorite artists to [...]

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Paul Cornell on “Doctor Who,” “Action Comics” & More

DC Comics exclusive writer Paul Cornell stopped by the CBR Yacht during Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss making the jump from Marvel to DC, the growing popularity of “Doctor Who,” his current run on [...]

CBR TV @ NYCC 2010: Marvel’s Tom Brevoort & Axel Alonso’s Q&A

Marvel editors Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso hold a special T&A Q&A with CBR TV’s Kiel Phegley at New York Comic Con

CBR TV @ CCI 2010: Sal Abbinanti on “Atomika,” LeBron James & More

Writer/artist Sal Abbinanti stopped by CBR TV's yacht to discuss the concepts and story behind his self-published comic "Atomika," the Hollywood path that may or may not lie ahead for the series and more.

CBR TV @ NYCC 2010: Joe Quesada on Disney Acquiring Marvel & More

Joe Quesada spoke with CBR TV on his career changes since Disney bought Marvel, the third Spidey story he'd still like to tell, his thoughts on message boards, comic book pricing cuts and much, much more.

CBR TV @ NYCC 2010: Mark Waid on BOOM! Studios, “Irredeemable” & More

Mark Waid spoke with CBR TV about his new position as CCO of BOOM! Studios, stronger interaction between "Irredeemable" and Incorruptible," his infamous Baltimore Comic Con speech on digital comics and more.

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