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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Axel Alonso on Fraction’s “Defenders,” DC Comics’ Relaunch & Much More

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso stowed away on CBR TV’s yacht at Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss the publisher’s current and upcoming projects, from the significance of the recent immigration of a number of Marvel’s characters to the Los Angeles area and the challenge of accurately and logically depicting the City of Angels.

Alonso also weighs in on DC Comics’ September relaunch, questioning the rival publisher’s plan to release 52 new titles in a single month and naming the one book he’s most looking forward to from the New 52.

Marvel’s newly announced Defenders title, under the creative guidance of Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson, is also discussed, with Alonso explaining why it’s a title he’s been wanting to relaunch for years.

And, of course, “Fear Itself” and “X-Men: Schism” are a topic of discussion, with the significance of both events ending at the same time being emphasized as both titles will leave major marks on the Marvel Universe in ways which are intertwined in the months and years to come.

Finally, Marvel’s relationship with retailers is dissected, from leveraging Marvel Studios’ movies to get fans into comic stores to the current state of the print vs digital debate and more.

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  • Ian33407

    Well I’ve been waiting a DEFENDERS book since so long, Mattu00a0Fraction seems to have a plan, and an interesting oneu00a0so thanks to the crew.u00a0I was expecting more a magic trick like Warren Ellis and Deodato’ run on THUNDERBOLTS, but the choice of the Dodsons seems to be thinked to make the characters and the book more reliables so…nnMatt Fraction hinted on an interview he had a failed project about ADAM WARLOCK with David Aja, and I can’t get it out of my head since I’ve read about it. He already hinted there will be some u00a0Starlin’ craziness in his D-book, and that will be done the Marvel Way, and so on…well my point is I hope Aja will end-up too onto this book..