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CBR TV @ C2E2 2011: Brian Michael Bendis on “Brilliant, “Avengers” and the “Powers” TV show

Brian Michael Bendis spends some time with CBR TV to answer fan questions regarding his and Mark Bagley’s creator-owned “Brilliant,” the 1950s Avengers storyline as originally imagined by Howard Chaykin, his future plans for the Avengers — including a future roster shake-up — the status of the “Powers” TV series and more.

  • Anonymous

    I love New Avengers but ‘Avengers’ falls flat and constantly falls flat despite it’s cool high concepts. Maybe the roster change will help, there’s clearly characters Bendis doesn’t want to write or doesn’t care about their past characterisations so the book might be better off if he just drops them. For an oldschool Avengers read I look to Children’s Crusade and Academy strangely enough.

    • Jack Flack

      I’m the opposite. New Avengers has been boring and the first arc with the sorcery was Bendis’ worst arc at Marvel. Avengers had a fun Kang story and the current Infinity Gem chasing Hood tale has been awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/Hypestyles Christopher Currie

    Mr. Bendis, will you consider including Monica Rambeau, and the Blue Marvel in one of the Avengers teams soon?

  • Kflahsdk


    • Matthew Lane

      Dude, its obviously not Bendis then… Its probably some Skrull whose pissed at Bendis for making them all look like giant douche bags in Secret Invasion.

  • Ckeef

    All of Bendis’ writing has been pretty awful. Good concepts, but bad dialogue, bad characterization and for the main Avengers title, the art has been garbage. The roster changes isnt bad… but having so many people on so many teams and letting Red Hulk into the fold oh so easily…. just rushed work. Reminds me of the new Onslaught Unleashed. Why was that made? These titles deserve a lot more time and attention and NOT relying on one fool who clearly doesnt grasp the characters he’s using.