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CBR TV @ C2E2 2011: Chris Hemsworth on “Thor,” & Patton Oswalt’s Nerd-Centric Stand-Up

In this clip from the Chris Hemsworth panel at C2E2, the actor discusses the thematic core of the “Thor” movie, the physical preparations and regiments he underwent for the role, hints at how the film ties into the forthcoming “Avengers” movie, how to pronounce “Mjölnir” and more.

Then, comedian Patton Oswalt takes to the C2E2 stage to provide nerd-centric stand-up, tackling the important questions like, what would happen if Jesus decided to join the X-Men?

  • Lesya

    That Chris Hemsworth stuff has been on the Internet for 10 days!

  • Acstageman

    Chris Carle!

  • http://www.genreaddict.com Genre Addict

    Awesome…and nice intro music Hans!