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CBR TV @ C2E2 2011: Scott Snyder on “Detective Comics,” “American Vampire” & More

With the blockbuster “Black Mirror” arc heating up the lives of Dick Grayson and Commissioner Gordon in the pages of DC Comics’ namesake title “Detective Comics,” fans can find the latest series of mystery turns in this week’s issue #875. At last week’s C2E2 convention in Chicago, series writer Scott Snyder spoke with CBR TV about where the series heads moving forward including how the two plotlines by artists Jock and Francesco Frankavilla combine.

“That’s been the plan from the beginning,” Snyder explained. “The theme of this entire run is that Dick Grayson is somebody who hasn’t been challenged by Gotham in certain ways as Batman. It’s about how Gotham challenges its saviors — specifically Batman but also Jim Gordon. That theme is supposed to be a unifier throughout the book. So for Batman, for Dick Grayson, the thing that challenges him in the first arc is socially Dick is someone who has a lot of faith in humanity. He’s an optimist — an extrovert. So we wanted to show him how ugly Gotham could be and how the citizens of Gotham could be depraved. It was about breaking that aspect of him — that’s why we used the crowbar.”

On the GCPD side of the equation, Snyder said, “For me, Jim Gordon is a character who’s the seminal detective. Everything adds up and makes sense. So why not have his son be the greatest mystery of his life? Why not have his son be an enigma where essentially his son does not add up? There’s no reason for his son to be a sociopath. He tries to come up with reasons. Maybe it was the fall from the bridge in Year One? But the truth is, he can’t tell…how bad is his son? Is his son as bad as Barbara says he is? Is he someone who’s killed many, many people and is very terrifying, or is he just a troubled guy?”

For more on the book, including Snyder’s attempts to kill and save Jason Todd as a youngster, as well as a full rundown of the future of Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque’s Vertigo hit “American Vampire,” check out the above video from CBR TV!

  • JB

    met Snyder at C2E2. He was a really nice guy. Also cool when your favorite creators are also pretty cool people.