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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Chip Kidd on Alex Ross, Logo Design, Batman & More

Graphic designer Chip Kidd spent some time with CBR TV during Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss many, many things, from Kidd’s inspirational influence on the current logo designs on comics, allowing the art to take center stage with the logo “serving” the art to his personal approach to designing logos to the influence of his graphic design eye on his home.

Kidd also discussed working with Alex Ross, designing Ross’ art book and having the opportunity to watch Ross’ artistic process before introducing a pair of womens’ panties to the conversation in order to segue into his Pantheon Books projects: Craig Thompson’s “Habibi,” Art Spiegleman’s “Metamaus” and, tying directly in to the panties, “Unterzakhn,” a graphic novel by Leela Corman. The title is Yiddish for “undergarments” and Pantheon had been giving away panties emblazoned with the book’s title as a Comic-Con promotion.

Kidd updates us on his long-form Batman graphic novel, announcing a tentative date of Fall 2012 for the long-gestating project, openly admitting his nervousness when it comes to writing versus design and the role of self-doubt in maintaining one’s drive to create and grow as an artist before wrapping the interview by explaining why the Grant Morrison-designed logo for “New X-Men” is his favorite comic book logo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leela.corman Leela Corman

    Correction: “Unterzakhn” does not mean “underpants”. It means “underthings”. It’s far less specific.nn- Leela Corman

  • http://www.facebook.com/leela.corman Leela Corman

    Correction: “Unterzakhn” does not mean “underpants”. It means “underthings”. It’s far less specific.nn- Leela Corman

  • Joe

    I’m so glad we got hear the origin of CBR story for the 15th time during the course of these interviews. I’m sure Chip Kidd was just as riveted hearing it for the first time. Seriously, I love the site, but Jonah needs to stop interviewing people. Hire a professional. Or just turn it over to Kiel full-time, he’s more bearable. These need to be more like press-junket interviews and less like late night. No one is watching these to hear Jonah. AT LEAST stop reacting and commenting during their answers, it’s totally unprofessional. “Wow,” “mm hm,” “sure,” etc. Let them speak uninterrupted, they are the reason we’re watching. I love hearing from these guys, but hate that I have to suffer through Jonah to do so. And a little research wouldn’t hurt either. He’s constantly surprised by information that’s available on their Wikipedia pages.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.post Nicholas Post

    “Chip Kidd updates us on his long-form Batman graphic novel, announcing a tentative date of Fall 2012″ nSpiffy!nAny preview of arts?nPLEASE?!

  • http://blog.mickstatham.com mick statham

    I’m a big Chip Kidd fan and I bet this is an awesome video. Shame I can’t see it on my iPhone (and no iTunes feed?).

    • Jonah Weiland

      Mick,nnThis does work on the iPhone — I just watched it on mine!u00a0 Try again.

  • Daneil Neil

    Kids are influenced by almost everything around, all the animated characters that they see and watch on TV or comic books, they try to align themselves in some way or the other. I was here in BC, canda and saw some kind of experimentation going on with kids on same lines where they (thecreativepatch.com) were trying to fireup the imagination of kids for graphics and other design related issues.

  • http://blog.mickstatham.com mick statham

    Ha you’re righ Jonah, it does work. My bad. Would still be great if these were on iTunes. Don’t always have acces to a PC or wi-fi so would be great if I could download these interviews like the old days. Just a thought. But would just like to add that I love the site and really appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into this.

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