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CBR TV @ CCI: Dave Gibbons on “Watchmen,” “Treatment” & More

Artist/writer/comics legend Dave Gibbons stopped by the CBR TV floating studio during Comic-Con International to discuss his career, from the days of “Watchmen” to his current work on Dark Horse’s “Treatment,” his never-ending goal of improving at his craft, leaving a different, distinct “stamp” on every project he works on and the possibility of eventually diving into the world of digital comics.

Gibbons’ also analyzes his career as a writer, stating that he feels even more confident of his abilities as an author than as an artist, his preference of working on collaborative projects and his personal process when laying out and illustrating a new page of art.

Gibbons jumps into the recent rumblings involving DC Comics’ purported attempts to develop a sequel or retell “Watchmen,” pleading the fifth on whether or not the title should be revisited and expanded upon, though he does offer his opinion that to include the characters in DC’s 52 Universes and have them interact with other Earths’ heroes would be a mistake.

Finally, Gibbons discusses the origins of “Treatment,” which is being introduced in “Dark Horse Presents” #3 and tells the story of freelance cops who tackle the jobs the police don’t want to handle and do so on live television.

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  • gargl

    all in all, I could see some WATCHMEN sequels (well only PREQUELS actually) but it should remain in his own continuity..And the problem will be that Alan Moore won’t do ANY of that, and I understand perfectly when he wishes his work could rest in peace…nnc’mon Peter Milligan did THE PROGRAMME with CP Smith for WILDSTORM, there’s room here to deal with the same thematics, without screwed the legend Moore’ build..nnI swear, if Lee or anyone else put their hands onto WATCHMEN, I’ll do the travel til DC offices..

  • Cliftonenrico1980

    wasnt that crap of a movie enough??? leave watchmen alone!!!

    • Matthew Lane

      Actually i quite liked the movie. I read the book years ago & i occassionally dust it off & give it a read through, but i thought it was generally a pretty good film. Snyder did a good job.

    • Sadfran

      the movie is so bold, give it a second chance.

    • Sadfran

      the movie is so bold, give it a second chance.

    • Sadfran

      the movie is so bold, give it a second chance.