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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: David Finch on “Batman: The Dark Knight”

“Batman: The Dark Knight” writer and artist David Finch spoke with CBR TV about his title’s finale and relaunch as part of DC Comics’ New 52 in September and how his difficulty transitioning into the role of writer/artist resulted in bringing Paul Jenkins on as writer for the relaunch of the series.

Finch dives into September’s New 52 as a whole before focusing on his role in the DC Universe-wide relaunch, describing Eduardo Risso, Jim Lee, Frank Miller and more as the major influences on his take on Batman.

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  • Anonymous

    Not surprised to hear Broken City mentioned as a influence (even if he says its just the art). I liked his Dark Knight run, but story wise the first two issues seemed to borrow quite a bit from Broken City. Not saying stealing, you could just tell he really liked that run. I would definitely say that with the Blaze and Etrigan elements it veered away rather quickly

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  • bibbins

    he is one ugly son of a bitch

    • RogerMoore

      You are ugly on the inside buddy..

    • Adam Walker

      I don’t think he’s ugly, but his appearance scares me.

  • Tyler

    Wow, I really like Mr. Finch now. u00a0He just seems really humbled by this whole experience and fully admits that he isn’t quite fit to be a writer. u00a0What he desires is a more collaborative creating experience really and thats very cool. u00a0What a good dude. u00a0

  • Mighty Max

    “Yeah, so I would go weeks at a time with no idea whatsoever what the crap I would write..oddly enough the book fell behind a bit..weird..Jenkins said that I needed to know what I wanted to write and that just blew my mind because I never knew what I wanted to write…”u00a0 REALLY???u00a0 hahahaha finch is a joke.

  • Ian

    Honestly, who didn’t see this coming? A majority of artists who write may be able to come up with ideas but still have very sterile, emotionless writing styles. Tony Daniel and Dan Jurgens come to mind. That’s what worries me about the upcoming Batwoman series. Williams is such a good artist, but the writing side worries me. Now if only Tony Daniel would just stop it.u00a0

    • Bart Thompson

      What the hell are you talking about?u00a0 Tony Daniel has been a phenomenal writer.u00a0 He has brought fresh ideas to the table and did a wonderful job developing Dick as Batman.

    • http://twitter.com/serpico71 CHris Kaufman

      The industry is still looking for the next Frank Miller, but unfortunately, artists don’t realize just how much writers train and work. u00a0Tony Daniels has done some decent work, but sometimes I think it’s the art I’m lovng. u00a0Batman 699 was probably the worst written Batman comic in the modern age. u00a0For the money for a comic or trade, the stories AND art have to be AMAZING. u00a0

  • Gustavo Castro

    This is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand so i apologize if this comes across as childish. Finch can draw obviously, but the guy is one hideous s.o.b.

  • Anonymous

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  • Badmannv1

    he is one ugly son of a bitch

  • http://twitter.com/serpico71 CHris Kaufman

    OMG! u00a0Someone in this business who does not blame someone else when things do not go as planned. u00a0Finch is incredibly talented, and will make any story a decent one, and an incredible story, historic.

  • mbembet

    this guy is lazy just like jim lee