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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: J. Michael Straczynski on “Superman: Earth One,” “Thor” & More

J. Michael Straczynski, or JMS to his fans, spoke with CBR TV during Comic-Con International in San Diego where he weighed in with his support of DC Comics’ September relaunch, explaining why he feels the success of his and Shane Davis “Superman: Earth One” graphic novel helped pave the way for the New 52 before delving into what fans can expect for the follow-up to his bestselling interpretation of the Man of Steel.

JMS also revisits the reason he left “Superman” and “Wonder Woman,” explaining that DC wanted him to focus entirely on the “Earth One” sequel, tackles the internet’s reaction when the original announcement was made and rates his own work based on a scale where Alan Moore is at 10, from “Midnight Nation” and “Rising Stars” to “Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Twelve.”

Continuing on with his talk of “The Twelve,” JMS addresses the delays and the CCI announcement that the series is returning to finish his and Chris Weston’s story.

Finally, JMS talks about working on the Thor movie, from the influence his run on the Asgardian god’s comic had on the film, the trick to both humanizing the character while showcasing his inherent grandeur and his experience while filming his cameo.

  • http://www.toodiesel.com/blog TooDiesel

    Jonah, these extended interviews are fantastic

  • http://www.toodiesel.com/blog TooDiesel

    Jonah, these extended interviews are fantastic

  • http://www.toodiesel.com/blog TooDiesel

    Jonah, these extended interviews are fantastic

  • Anakin

    i agree. great interviews.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Neal-R-Scott/649286630 Neal R Scott

    What I am really, really am hoping on is another Babylon 5 project, I heard he had some ideas and he’s waiting on the response of the ideas from varying sources that could supply fund to get that project going. But it’s not gonna be cheap, last time The Crusades was done on the cheap and he won’t ever do that again, considering how horrible it went. JMS I really hope you relaunch a brand spanking new B5 project. (mind you, the story went to say there was never another Babylon station, so creating a B6 would be a moot point. But What I would like to see is the Telephath War and the Darkh(s?) War, those stories is aplenty from my personal perspective.)

    • Lennier

      not gonna happen… whatever negotiations he was in have resulted in another negative. i’m not holding my breath for more B5 anymore. hell, I hardly care anymore either.

  • Odin’s Beard

    It’d be nice to get a transcript of these things. I can read faster than listen to some of these guys talk. Just sayin’.

  • Janet Potts

    @Neal. Actually, the reason Crusade had problems was nothing to do with the cost of the show. Joe ran Babylon 5 on a shoestring and made it work because he plans things out and is able to stay on budget. The problem with Crusade had everything to do with the TNT suits in Atlanta being unhappy that Babylon 5 did not appeal to their existing core audience (they would tune out when Crusade came on while the B5/Crusade fans tuned in; then the B5/Crusade fans would tune out once the show was over and the regular TNT fans would tune back in). The Atlanta TNT execs worked to undermine the show so they could justify canceling it. Note: the TNT execs Joe worked with in LA, *loved* the show. Unfortunately, they did not control the show’s fate. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crusade_%28TV_series%29.

  • http://twitter.com/JoshuaLazarus Joshua Lazarus

    Can’t believe Jonah didn’t ask about Samaritan X after JMS mentioned it. Otherwise, fun interview.

  • KalEl

    TheSequel to EARTH ONE is totaly pointless with the new rebbot starting now.u00a0 Its laughable actually.nEARTH ONE was a GENERIC by the numbers Peter parker story dressed up as superman.nIt wasnt original and not that great a read at all.nThe walk across america is HORRIBLE too.u00a0 NOOO ONE liked it.nI am a DIEHARD bias SUPERMAN fan but JMS work on the character isnt at all good.nnOn the flip side…..his spiderman work in the early 2000s was fantastic.nnI also would like to know what parent thinks a kid would spend $20 on (earth one) u00a0a comic book? Kids dont even buy the $3.00 ones.nn

    • Mike-El

      I agree 100%. Poorly written, horrible art, and in the midst of Rebirth, Secret Origin, and now the Reboot, totally POINTLESS.

      • Anonymous

        the money aspect says otherwise…

    • Walter Nuseeder

      Well not everyone likes everything – thats the way. I couldn’t stand the old Superman or the new Batman movies f.e. But I really liked Superman E1 and I’m gonna buy Vol 2 for sure. If u don’t like it then don’t buy it – there are enough other comics out there.

  • Kal El

    JMSu00a0 Thor stuff was awsome too!

  • http://www.rackofpower.com/ pgfan

    Wow, great interview. I am glad to hear his optimism and the freshness that he is bringing to the expanse of comics.

  • Lead_sharp

    Shut up with the ‘sabbaticals’ and excuses and just pick a series and finish it.u00a0nnThor, best thing you’ve written and because you couldn’t get your head around the fact that it wasn’t your toy box to play with you stomped off. As I recall the reason you left Superman and WW was because you couldn’t handle the pace with the Earth 1 books as well. Really? There’s writers out there who do several (very good) comics and you can’t handle two with a OGN once u00a0year?I can not take youu00a0seriouslyu00a0any more.

    • arkon

      u00a0Just like each person isn’t the same, not every writer is. Some work at different speeds. Some can crank things out rapidly where others take longer. Not to mention there may have been other projects he was working on.nnThat said, he pretty much says he’s taking a break from monthly books so you should be happy. Everything he said in the interview seems reasonable with regards to the monthly books. Whether things pan out that way, who knows?