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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Joe Hill on “Locke & Key,” “The Cape” & More

Eisner Award winner and “Locke & Key” creator Joe Hill spoke with CBR TV pre-award ceremony to discuss his and Gabriel Rodriguez’s critically acclaimed title, Hill’s emotional reaction to watching the “Locke and Key” television pilot with a room full of eager fans and the potential for the show to be picked up by a network other than Fox.

Hill also discusses his creative relationship with Rodriguez, hinting at a mainstream superhero project in their future, how he ended up working in comics and the pressures he feels after having his first major work achieve such high levels of critical acclaim.

Hill also explains why he’s not actually writing his superhero creation “The Cape,” which he describes as “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” if he could fly, his thought on the now-canceled NBC series of the same name and the unlikeliness of “Heart Shaped Box” ever being adapted to comics.

  • Anonymous

    Great interview. I like the question about adapting “Heart-Shaped Box” into comic. That would be cool. Because by the time Neil Jordan adapts it to film I’ll be an old man.