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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Mark Evanier and the Zen of Comic-Con

Comics historian and Groo co-creator and writer Mark Evanier spoke with CBR TV during last summer’s Comic-Con International about the pronunciation of his last name.

Beyond that, Evanier discussed the history and growth of Comic-Con from the point of view of someone who has attended every year since the first show, the convention’s mix of other forms of pop culture with the titular comics and how attendees need to make the show work for them and their interests rather than be swept up by the chaos and belief that the convention is no longer about comics.

Evanier recalls his memories of the first Comic-Con, Jack Kirby’s belief over three decades ago that the show would eventually expand to take over the entire downtown area of San Diego, whether or not the Hollywood super hero bubble will burst, the long-gestating Groo/Conan crossover and much, much more.