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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Paul Levitz on “Legion of Super-Heroes,” Huntress & More

Paul Levitz spent some time in the CBR TV fabulous floating Tiki Lounge during Comic-Con International to discuss his contributions to DC Comics’ New 52, from returning to “Legion of Super-Heroes” as its full-time writer, how much of his pre-reboot LoSH writing and cast he plans to carry over to the new DC direction, how to give the new LoSH title a “younger” feel and the influence previous LoSH writers have had on his work over the years.

Levitz also gets into his return to the Huntress with her upcoming miniseries, from how he approaches returning to a character he hasn’t worked with in years to the differences between his original creation and who he’s writing now and the mini’s Modesty Blaise influences.

  • Tammy Park Gaines