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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Rob Liefeld on “Image United,” “The Infinite,” “Hawk & Dove” & More

Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld stepped aboard the CBR News yacht to confront the elephant in the room that is the long-delayed “Image United” before discussing his and Robert Kirkman’s “The Infinite,” its origins and his excitement for the title.

Liefeld also goes into detail about the current chapter of his career, his newfound enthusiasm and increased artistic output and digital comics piracy.

Finally, the creator gets into his contribution to DC Comics’ New 52 as the artist on “Hawk and Dove,” the reason he requested Sterling Gates specifically as the series writer and more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rchapoteau Rishard Chapoteau

    As an aside, I fully admit that I download comics online as a pirate, BUT I go to my comic store every wednesday and buy physical copies. u00a0I just want a digital copy as well. u00a0The idea of paying for a digital copy when I paid for a physical copy is annoying to me. u00a0I like the idea of what they are doing with Justice League bundle and including the digital copy for an extra dollar, and I’m going to pick that version up. u00a0nnI still don’t think it should cost that extra dollar, and it should be included for free, but for now I’ll deal with it.

  • DavidB

    He makes awesome comics AND does a great McFarlane!

    • Bret

      wtf? he’s the most laughed at artist there is!

      • hooper

        For F’s sake, Liefeld is a great artist with a very distinct style. Laugh if you like, but undeniablyu00a0Liefeld has a style that has always been instantaneously recognizible, andu00a0was trend-setting and oft-imititated. And,u00a0dare I point out, a commercial success. u00a0I wish I could draw 1% as well as Liefeld. Maybe he isn’t your cup of tea friend, and maybe he is guilty of some egotism at times, but perhaps a lot of it is just defensiveu00a0reaction to unappreciative arm-chair critics always hacking on him. and I see no shortage of creators wanting to work with him. Yes, he does awesome comics.

        • Bret

          LMFAO! The guy redraws the same two f’n poses since way back when, and never draws a background, while the proportions of all his characters are so off to the point it’s unbearable to even look at. Don’t be ridiculous. Not to mention the bs copycat characters he comes up with “fighting american” and “smash” which never saw the light of day because it was a blatant ripoff of Hulk. STFU!

  • Truth

    People need to stop feeding this guys ego, he sucks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rchapoteau Rishard Chapoteau

      20+ years ago he was the shit. u00a0I don’t understand the hatred of him. u00a0I still think he does pretty good work. u00a0I think the backlash against him is bigger then the actual problem.

    • http://twitter.com/serpico71 CHris Kaufman

      He does really suck, but he’s still a cool guy in the interview.

  • Adam Walker

    Granted, I don’t like his art and his output, but I also don’t like Chris Bachalos oru00a0 some of the other artists work out there. So there is no need to hate him, just don’t buy his work if you don’t like his style. nHe deserves to be acknowledged that he does work at all, unlike most of his spiteful critics.

  • Kuczynskik73

    I don’t but any thing by Liefeld, and I have never been a fan.u00a0 But that was a good interview by a man that clearly loves comics.u00a0 I wish Frank Quitely had his momentum!u00a0 Imagine two Quitely books a month!

  • http://twitter.com/OmarAlexis OmarAlexis

    Liefield is… such a bad artist. Even the people who defend him with zeal fail to see how overrated his 90’s run really was. He had commercial success more because of the title of his book than any of his art or stories. Cable was a co-creation and Deadpool, the best thing he contributed to the industry, was made better by future writers and artists.

    • Tdsala

      u00a0″because of the title”?….really?u00a0 That makes no sense…New Mutants was at cancellation level before he started on it.u00a0

  • http://twitter.com/serpico71 CHris Kaufman

    Liefeld’s a cool guy. u00a0I’ll be picking up Hawk and Dove, for sure now. u00a0He does seem to be over extended though. u00a0We shall see!