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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Robert Kirkman on “The Infinite,” “Walking Dead” & More

Image partner Robert Kirkman continues his CBR TV appearance streak, taking a walk down memory lane to reminisce about — and defend — his CBR column, “Buy My Stuff,” before discussing the “Walking Dead” prose novel, its place in the comics’ continuity and his experience writing the novel.

Kirkman also discusses his general dislike of the use of flashbacks in telling a story, his plans on how long the “Walking Dead” characters will remain in their current locale and the coming discovery of more living people in the zombie-ridden world.

The discussion tuns to “The Infinite,” Kirkman’s project co-created with Rob Lifeeld, the parallels the basic concept of time-crossed versions of the same character interacting with each other parallels in some ways his and Liefeld’s lives.

Shifting gears to the second season of AMC’s adaptation of “The Walking Dead,” the overall theme of the coming shows as the survivors make their way to Hershel’s farm, the shift in settings from urban to countryside and the resulting changes in the visual approach to the series.

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    Invincible is a gateway comic also !