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CBR TV @ CCI: Tom Morello Discusses “Orchid”

Rage Against the Machine guitarist and the Nightwatchman solo musician Tom Morello spent some time on the CBR TV yacht during Comic-Con to discuss his just-announced Dark Horse title “Orchid,” in the process verifying his genuine comic book geek cred. The musician/comic creator discussed his four-color influences and how his political stances played a part in the development of his new series.

On the topic of “Orchid,” Morello discussed what readers can expect from the series, why this is the right time for him to make the leap into the world of sequential storytelling, “Umbrella Academy” creator Gerard Way’s role in making the “Orchid” comic a reality and his level of confidence as a comic writer.

Morello also discusses his collaborative relationship with “Orchid’s” artist, Scott Hepburn, the title’s overall concept and story, his plans to release a free, downloadable musical score and much more.

“Orchid,” featuring a Shepard Fairey variant cover, debuts in October 2011

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  • +10 Charisma

    Greatest guitarist ever and amazing activist/renegade. Mad respect, Tom!

  • +10 Charisma

    Greatest guitarist ever and amazing activist/renegade. Mad respect, Tom!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jesse-Farley/100000006769733 Jesse Farley

    This story sounds unique, I can’t wait to scope out the artwork, and music as well. It sounds like a lot of thought was put into Orchid.