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CBR TV @ CCI 2011: Walt & Louise Simonson on “Thor,” “Superman Retroactive” & More

Walt and Louise Simonson spoke with CBR TV during Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss the current style of decompressed storytelling and how they’ve adapted to the modern industry.

Louise spoke about returning to her run on “Superman: Man of Steel” with the upcoming Retroactive one-shot which reunites her with artist Jon Bogdanove, explaining where the story fits into the original MoS run.

Both spoke highly of the cast and crew interactions when they were filmed as a part of “Thor,” including not being asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Walt related his experiences with fan reaction to IDW Publishing’s “Walt Simonson’s The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition” before discussing the details on how the special, oversized reprint came to be, why he kept the majority of his art rather than selling it and how thrilled he is with the final product.

Walt also discusses his long-gestating graphic novel “The Judas Coin.” Set to be published through DC Comics, the story’s origins as a potential issue for DC’s “Solo” series and its set-up as six short tales featuring DC characters connected by a common thread.

  • Fabio P. Barbieri

    Are these two lovely people or what?

  • Chris

    So great to hear from these two. I’ve followed their individual books for decades but had never seen a video interview with either of them. Apropos of nothing, Louise is a total looker. Walt is a lucky guy.

  • Sijo

    Walt, Loiuse, if you read this: THANK YOU- for EVERYTHING you’ve done over the years. And most of all, of being the nice people you have always been. We need more folks like you working in comics today. :)

  • Juggalord369

    These two legitimately do rock. Weezie’s runs on New Mutants and X-Factor were truly legendary. Likewise, I can’t ever imagine growing up in a world without Walt’s Thor or Fantastic Four. The industry simply doesn’t produce creators like these two any more. They’re in a category all their own.

  • Ian33407

    Walt, Louise,nthank you so much for these years of wonderful reads, I miss you both, I want you to write and draw everything..