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CBR TV 2011: Emma Caulfield & Camilla Rantsen Dissect “Ripped”

Webcomics creators Emma Caulfield and Camilla Rantsen stopped by the CBR TV studios in Hollywood to discuss their latest co-writing collaboration, the Kickstarter-funded “Ripped,” a fictional story based on the mythology of Jack the Ripper. The pair talked about their unique collaborative process, the genesis of the concept behind the webcomic and the story’s more serious tone, especially when weighed against their previous collaboration in “Contrapussy.”

Caulfield explains that despite being modeled after her physical appearance, the character of Gemma is not based on the actress/writer who thinks of her more as a Keira Knightley character, as well as the fact that the strip was conceived of and is designed to be a comic rather than a potential Hollywood vehicle and the deliberate styling of the character of Teddy after Anthony Stewart Head, Caulfield’s co-star from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Finally, the pair discussed the use of Kickstarter to fund the webcomic, including Caulfield’s return to the bunny suit from her time as Anya on “Buffy” and the future of their partnership, including the potential of working in print either on a creator-owned project of a corporate property.

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