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CBR TV 2011: Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley on “Archie Meets KISS”

Though they may be known for their blood-spewing theatrics and hard rock riffs, the leaders of chart-topping band KISS also have a long legacy in comic books — one that continues today with “Archie Meets KISS,” the four-part story that launched this week in “Archie” #627. In celebration, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley showed up in the CBR TV Studios in LA earlier this week (sans makeup) to discuss the project and their long-standing connection to the comics medium.

And the rockers don’t plan on letting their four color legacy end with the gang in Riverdale. The pair teased plans for a project with IDW Publishing involving superhero comic books and Simmons noted, “At the same time I was talking with Jim Lee and the DC folks about doing something with ‘KISS DC’ — Superman meets KISS and all that kind of stuff, which would be exciting.” When reached for comment,

  • Liquidyears

    I remember when Kiss first appeared with Howard The Duck at Marvel. As a kid, I was in seventh heaven when that happened, as two of my faves were together in one place! Speaking of Howie, those old Gerber issues are some of the best comics ever made – imho. nnAlso, it was fascinating to see just how much Gene was (and still is) into comic books. At any rate, this was a really fun interview with Gene and Paul! Thanks CBR.

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