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CBR TV: Judd Winick on “The Real World,” “Power Girl,” Batman and Robin” & More

Judd WInick dropped by CBR TV to reflect on his career, discussing his days on “The Real World,” the current state of reality television, the unique challenge of taking over the writing chores on “Power Girl” and tying the series into the storyline of his “Justice League: Generation Lost” series. Winick also goes into bringing Jason Todd back into “Batman and Robin,” how to write the character of Damian Wayne, the potential for more Justice League stories, his and internet fandom’s love/hate relationship and much more.

Editors Note: CBR apologizes for the focusing issues during portions of the interview

  • Riwrstlr

    I have always liked Winick writing, I love BnR and love Judd’s Red Hood, I can’t wait to read it

  • Elgato

    I enjoyed his run on Exiles, good character work.

  • Enought already

    Is this guy ever without a film crew? I was a budding cartoonist in college, and man was I peeved watching this guy use MTV’s cameras as he went on a job hunt…Obviously if he had no talent, it would be a non-issue, but he sure did use the spotlight to his advantage.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MB4A3WKPQSZSERF3DY3IBU6IZY San

    This was great. I do think I would have asked Judd about the Red Hood film and his experience re-working the Jason Todd story original told in his Batman run. In my opinion, the comic was adversely affected by Infinite Crisis and I felt Judd really fixed that story with the animated version. I wonder what his thoughts are on getting the opportunity to make changes to that tale.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the anlysis of Damien

  • Lex

    Back then the Real World was new, so they actually get regular people who didn’t want to be idiot stars of the moment. Judd Winick was just a normal guy like most of the rest of the cast.

  • Dude

    I criticized Judd Winick for a while. Just because I have found some of his stories weak in the past. I’m still trying to find those words so that I can eat them. This dude is rocking it. Winick ftw.

  • http://twitter.com/serpico71 CHris Kaufman

    I DID not like Winick on Batman, but loved his RED HOOD, JLA- GL. I thought 2009 was tough on WInick, but he has very comfortably placed himself as a capable, albeit simple writer these past two years and it should be a solidifying time as far as his future goes. Thank you for not going on about the REAL WORLD. Dude, move on.