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CBR TV 2011: Kyle Higgins on “Deathstroke,” “Nightwing”

CBR TV spoke with writer Kyle Higgins about his work on “Deathstroke” and “Nightwing,” two of the titles launched as part of DC Comics New 52 initiative.

After explaining his Twitter handle (@KyleDHiggins) and some ebay comic speculating, Higgins delved into the background of the DCU’s biggest and baddest mercenary Deathstroke, discussing the over-the-top violence of the series and character, his original pitch for a more real world-grounded title and a promise that the merc’s actions will result in consequences.

Higgins then goes into the motivations of the titular character of his other series, Nightwing, and what it is that makes Dick Grayson a different man than Bruce Wayne despite their similar origins, how Dick managed to don the cowl of Batman without it ruining his upbeat outlook on life, the truth behind Batgirl referring to Dick as Richard, his “penchant for redheads” and the role of Gotham in the lives of its inhabitants.

  • Slam183@comcast.net

    I liked Gates Of Gotham. And Deathstoke has been a lot of fun too. I actually met Kyle at New York Comic Con. He’s really a super down to Earth, and funny guy! And honestly, almost everyone I met was awesome. Tony Daniel really made me feel like he liked that I enjoyed Detective Comics. And the dudes on Flash( i cant remember the proper spelling of their names), really made me feel like they wanted to read their book. Greg Capullo was super energized. Alex Sinclair was all business, but nice none the less. Only Geoff Johns came off as anti social, and awkward, but I caught him at the tail end of of events, so that is understandable. David Finch and Matt Fraction were cool too. All around, you could feel the energy the DC guys were feeling from the new 52 paying off.

    • Serpico71

      I found Grant Morisson to be the same.

  • Outside_85

    With the name thing; think there are certain characters who simply are more ‘polite’ in a way that they don’t use nicknames. I remember Raven as a clear example of this; she never called them Wally, Bart or Dick, it was always Wallace, Bartholomew and Richard (when she was written properly that is).

  • Serpico71

    Yes, a city can drive you mad. u00a0SPend a month in Moscow

  • Ericvdw

    Hell’s Kitchen comes a bit close?