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CBR TV: Marjorie Liu on X-Fandom, Comics and Writing Novels

This interview was conducted prior to the word that Liu’s Marvel series, “X-23,” has been cancelled.

Writer Marjorie Liu made an appearance on CBR TV during NYCC to discuss why a successful novelist chooses to write a monthly comic book series, the warm response she has experienced from X-Men fandom, the enjoyment she gets from working on Marvel characters and the possibility of creator-owned comics in her future.

Liu discussed her prose work, explaining to CBR audiences the concepts behind her “Hunter Kiss” and “Dirk and Steele” series, what it’s like to split her time living both in the States and China, her thoughts on Chinese comics and more.

  • Yanks5179

    She’s a super sweet woman.u00a0 I sent her an email with a column I wrote for a website in which I was plugging X-23, ironically only hours before the cancellation notice came out and she was so appreciative of the support.u00a0 Class act all the way.u00a0 I’ll miss X-23.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CHOP360 Daryl Austin

    Man if Marvel doesn’t give her more work i will be highly upset.u00a0 She is one of my favorite writers period.u00a0 I will miss X-23

  • mmurphy1968

    The Hunter Kiss series is really good, I would recommend it tou00a0anyone.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WXFFNEBSNE3DG3NKTFFQDGRK7U Dandan

    Very classy beautiful and talented lady.nnI hope we see more of her comic’s work in the future.u00a0

  • Jl

    Coming soon Daken: Volume 3.u00a0nnCause Marvel sees those sad, puppy dog eyes and wants to keep to keep a roof over the head of its ‘best’ employees.

  • Matthew Ishii

    Ugh, awkward racial ignorance makes me cringe.

  • Brooks

    She is great. I will miss X-23 too. I hope Marvel has more plans for her. She is truly a gifted writer.