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CBR TV 2011: Nathan Edmondson on “Grifter,” “Who is Jake Ellis?” & More

Writer Nathan Edmondson spent some time in the CBR TV studio recently, discussing his current projects, creator-owned and otherwise. Edmonson opened by discussing his DC Comics New 52 work on “Grifter,” reinventing the Wildstorm character and his role in the overhauled DC Universe and presenting him in such a way to appeal to longtime fans while keeping things open and friendly for readers new to the character.

Shifting to his creator-owned Image Comics title “Who Is Jake Ellis?,” Edmondson spoke about the reaction of Hollywood to the Tonci Zonjic illustrated project, offering vague details about the comic’s road to the big or small screen, plans for more “Jake Ellis” comics in the future, which are already being written and drawn, and the natural progression the story will take, taking off directly from the finale of the first series.