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CBR TV @ NYCC 2011: Andy Diggle Shoots on “Six Guns,” “Snapshot” & More

Writer Andy Diggle spoke with CBR TV about his projects, past and present, starting with the announcement that his Marvel exclusive contract has lapsed. From there, Diggle discussed the ways in which his career has changed, going from one known for Vertigo-style writing to concentrating almost exclusively on superhero storytelling for the last 4 years, including a stint headlining the Daredevil event, “Shadowland.”

Looking forward, Diggle talks about his upcoming work for 2000 AD, where he got his start in comics as an editor, writing a Rogue Trooper story for the character’s thirty-fifth birthday, and his and Jock’s creator-owned series for the publisher, “Snapshot,” a thriller based in San Francisco.

Finally, Diggle dives into the high concept behind his Marvel miniseries “Six Guns,” updating the publisher’s Western heroes by placing them in a modern day, non-Wild West setting.

  • Turok

    Who cares when Marvel will just cancel it before it gets past maybe 3 issues?