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CBR TV @ NYCC: Brian Wood on “Wolverine: Alpha & Omega,” “Conan” & More

Writer Brian Wood spoke with CBR TV during New York Comic Con about the leaving the worlds of “DMZ” and “Northlanders” for his upcoming gigs on “Wolverine: Alpha and Omega” and “Conan” as well as his next creator-owned title, “The Massive.”

After critiquing the off-camera condition of the Tiki Lounge, Wood discussed his current shift from a focus on creator-owned work to returning to Marvel for “Wolverine” and Dark Horse for “Conan,” getting into the story behind returning to the X-Universe once again and linking the series to the post-Schism X-Men relationships.

Wood also discussed his upcoming “Conan” series, a long form, 25-issue adaptation of Conan creator Robert E. Howard’s famous “Queen of the Black Coast” story and the decision to re-team with artist Becky Cloonan on the Cimmerian barbarian’s title.

And Wood isn’t finished with creator-owned work just yet, with “The Massive” on the horizon, another Dark Horse title debuting in “Dark Horse Presents” before moving to its own series of miniseries telling a story of a Greenpeace-style group’s adventures and challenges in a world where numerous environmental disasters all hit at once, looking at the question of what a group like that would do if all their work turns out to be for nothing, addressing along the way his tendency to write “End of the World” stories and legitimate desire to write a “Josie and the Pussycats” comic.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/tayloristhedevil Taylor Frank

    He is writing for two of my favorite characters! I hope he handles them well…but he is extremely talented so I have faith!

  • Koen Claeys

    “You’ve got tape around your little bird ?”

  • Koen Claeys

    “You’ve got tape around your little bird ?”