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CBR TV @ NYCC: Christos Gage Guides “Angel & Faith” and “Avengers Academy”

“Angel and Faith” writer Christos Gage visited CBR TV during New York Comic Con where he discussed how he got the gig helming the new title telling the further adventures of the Joss Whedon creations, his lack of familiarity with the Whedonverse prior to accepting the job and the challenge of matching the Whedon “tone” when writing the popular vampire and Slayer. Also discussed is the relationship between the titular characters and artist Rebekah Isaacs ability in translating the look of the actors to the page while avoiding a stiffness that would be detrimental to the storytelling.

Shifting focus to his Marvel work, Gage talks about introducing the Runaways to the cast of “Avengers Academy,” the organic way in which it came together, untangling the characters’ previously established relationships within the pages of the book, the deep-frying of an issue of the title on “30 Rock” and much more.

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