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CBR TV @ NYCC 2011: Jimmy Palmiotti on “All-Star Western,” “Captain Brooklyn”

An energetic Jimmy Palmiotti spoke with CBR TV at New York Comic Con where the creator discussed his career, from his and co-writer Justin Grey’s lengthy and acclaimed run on DC Comics’ “Jonah Hex” to transitioning the title character to the new “All-Star Western” to his, Frank Tieri and Amanda Conner’s upcoming “Captain Brooklyn” and much, much more.

  • Your Pal..miotti

    LOVE him

  • Scud

    I can’t wait for Captain Brooklyn.

  • Serpico71

    I am a regular reader who summed up my thoughts on Johah Hex here.u00a0nnhttp://christopherscottkaufman.blogspot.com/nnIt’s worth reading if you want to see how a non-Western loving reader fell in love with Hex regarding #70 but it encompasses the entire run. u00a0Palmiotti and Gray are ridiculously talented. u00a0’Tattered Man’ anyone? u00a0Sold more copies in my store than ASM.Amanda Connor is absolutely 65% of why I bought every issue of Madame Xanadu. u00a0I wish Connor was doing more at DC. u00a0She’s as good as it gets.nnAnd I grew up in Sherman Oaks in the mid 80’s and I know that security guard he’s talking about – at the Galleria.

    • Ollywood

      Madame Xanadu was Amy Reeder Hadley, Amanda Conner was Power Girl

  • Dorian Peace

    I’m a huge fan of Jimmy and Justin. u00a0I’m not surprised at all that ALL-STAR WESTERN is the best comic of the relaunch (along with BATWOMAN) because I’ve been a HEX fan for years and years. u00a0Great job! u00a0nnRegarding a CBR column: u00a0DO IT! u00a0I’ll be reading it, for sure. u00a0Because if it’s not comics, it’ll probably be about good movies or hot women so I’m on board in any case.