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CBR TV @ NYCC 2011: Matt Fraction on “Defenders, “Fear Itself,” “Casanova” & More

Matt Fraction checks in with CBR TV to discuss the end of “Fear Itself” and what he learned while crafting the massive Marvel Universe-spanning crossover, the approach he took to the project and the influence big events from his childhood had on his own epic.

Fraction also discussed his post-“Fear Itself” plans, from taking on Marvel’s next big team title in “Defenders,” the title’s history over the years and how past incarnations affected — or didn’t affect — his approach to the title, his plans to tell a story with the book in which he explains the mysteries of the Marvel Universe and the way in which Grant Morrison’s “JLA” influenced team titles like Brian Michael Bendis’ “Avengers” and, now, Fraction’s “Defenders.”

Fraction and Salvador Larocca’s run on “Invincible Iron Man” was also discussed, with the writer discussing his long-running, Eisner Award-winning partnership with the artist and the plan to bring back old school Iron Man villains for the title’s next story arc.

Finally, “Casanova,” Fraction’s Icon title, is touched upon, with the writer discussing the different sense of ownership and personal level of pride he takes in the title he co-owns with Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba to the level of work involved in crafting its stories.

  • Matthew Densmore

    Problem with your JLA/Avengers Magnificent 7 theory – all the characters Morrison used for his JLA run were classic JLA characters (or an analogue of one). u00a0Meanwhile, Wolvie and Spidey are not classic Avengers characters. u00a0If Wolvie has time for the Avengers, then he should have time for Alpha Flight, which he has more ties to.

  • Christian Hayward

    Re: Matthew Densmore nnWhy do you need ties to something to be relevant to the story??u00a0 When i meet a new girl and take her out i have no ties but by spending time and getting to know her we create a connection that sometimes lasts and sometimes does not . My point is Wolverine and Spiderman have been Avengers for more then 7 Years now , if that isnt enough of a tie to draw you into the charactacterisation and great stories BMB is telling at the moment …more fool you .u00a0u00a0u00a0 P.S And im a Bendis / Fraction sceptic .

  • http://twitter.com/tom_mckenna Tom McKenna

    With the beard, Matt Fraction looks like E mastermind behind the alt-rock group Eels…