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CBR TV @ NYCC 2011: Michael Jai White on “Black Dynamite,” Luke Cage and Todd McFarlane

The star and creator of “Black Dynamite,” Michael Jai White spoke with CBR TV during New York Comic Con about the upcoming Cartoon Network animated series based on the cult-hit send-up of 1970s blaxploitation flicks.

White began the interview by addressing the fact that he’s Luke Cage, even though Marvel doesn’t yet know it, expressing interest in possibly portraying Power Man on the big scree should the opportunity arise. From there, the actor explained that fans of the animated “Black Dynamite” should expect things to be even more insane than the movie, declaring that the cartoon may be so insane that Cartoon NEtwork may be sued.

White then explained the history of blaxploitation movies and how it relates to the current popularity of the genre and “Black Dynamite,” the importance of the films in his life as he grew up and working with Todd McFarlane, the creator of “Spawn,” the movie adaptation of which White starred in.

  • Deez

    Awesome actor, he did great in the limited MK web series…he’s a damn sure fit for Luke Cage, marvel needs to make it happen.nnBlack Dynamite was awesome btw!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QM36GRMEOPOO427BIC6LSPMOKI bee bee

    hes so sexy and a great actor i wanna have his baby!

  • Gazumbas

    Stuff Luke Cage. This dude needs to be Falcon in the next Captain America movie!!!

  • Trevon Hughes

    I never even thought about him as luke cage but he would be a good fit.

  • Quantum333

    I think White and Scott Adkins would make for bad-ass Heroes for Hire movie and/oru00a0TV show.

  • Tunstel

    Terry Crews