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CBR TV @ NYCC 2011: Paul Pope Discusses “PulpHope,” “One-Trick Rip-Off” and “Battling Boy”

Paul Pope and Jim Pascoe spoke with CBR TV during New York Comic Con, opening the discussion by of Popeye’s hamburger-eating sidekick Wimpy and Pope’s declaration that he’d “love to do a Popeye comic,” before shifting into the artist’s impressive resume, from comics to fashion to deejaying.

Pope jumped into his current Legendary Comics workload, with Pascoe talking about designing “PulpHope” and the new edition of “One-Trick Rip-Off,” attempting to present the art in ways that differ from your standard art book and reprint edition and adding new material that hasn’t been published in the US previously before teasing a bit about the long-gestating “Battling Boy.”

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    Can’t wait to see it all, especially the new material.u00a0 But I’m also still holding out hope for a THB hardcover collection and maybe a little continuation of that story and characters.u00a0u00a0 I’ve waited this long, I can keep waiting…u00a0 In any case, I’m always happy to hear more Pope stuff is coming.

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