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CBR TV @ NYCC 2011: Scott Snyder on “Batman,” “Severed” & Bat-Continuity

Scott Snyder dropped in on the CBR TV Tiki Lounge during New York Comic Con to discuss his work with Greg Capullo on the newly relaunched “Batman” from DC Comics, discussing his current workload with four titles being released on monthly basis, the way DC is handling the marriage of the new continuity with Batman having had four Robins, his Image series “Severed” and hit time as an employee at DisneyWorld, complete with a recreation of the park employee dance.

  • Marquisdcarabas

    There were FIVE Robins

    • Matthew Lane

      No there wasn’t. There was 4 robins & Stephanie Brown cosplaying as Robin. Robin is a partnership with Batman, Stephanie was never Batmans partner (as was shown by how she became “robin” & the events of War Games). I’m a huge fan of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl (& as Spoiler), but she was never EVER robin. She is no more Robin then the girl cosplaying at a comic convention is Robin.nnUnless of course we want to conced that Superman is also Batman, since Superman has been known to dress as Batman on occasion.

      • Death Itself

        u00a0…very few cosplayers are actually trained by Batman and go out on missions with him. She was a Robin, no matter how briefly.

  • Jonesy Stark

    With Snyder on Batman I foresee myself reading this book for years to come. His Detective run was superb and I have total confidence in his ability to properly guide this flagship title. Severed, American Vampire, Swamp Thing are all excellent books. it’s amazing how consistently excellent Snyder’s writing is.u00a0

  • Omegasaga

    dress it up and side talk it anyway you want DC/Scott Snyder… but the very idea/ concept of 4 robins in 5 years is not only very dumb… but it makes the story concept of Robinu00a0 – UNSPECIAL and very LAME.nnThereu00a0WAS somthing to be said aboutu00a0 Dick Graysons YEEEARS -GROWING UP- as robin and eventualy becoming Nightwing. And Tims years as Robin and eventual graduation to Redrobin.nnTo say all of this happend within 5 yrs time is completely moronic- BAD STORYTELLING.nBut worst of all- it changes the concept.u00a0 Thats a big deal.

    • Duder

      It doesn’t change the concept; it makes the tenure of each character shorter.nnIf losing the Bat-continuity hurts, fine – sorry about that.u00a0 But let’s not make this a big deal.u00a0 DC’s truncating **some** of their continuity into a shorter period, and erasing the rest.u00a0 And so, we all gotta deal.u00a0 But if you look at the big picture, this is a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too scenario.nnThe oldu00a0stuff is still there to be read and enjoyed for its own uniqueness.u00a0 And the new stuff will HAVE to be different – and yeah, that different WILL be bad sometimes.u00a0 And sometimes, it will be good too.nnKind of like what happened after the Crisis in the 80s. A lot of great, classic concepts were dismissed, but new and goodu00a0ideasu00a0got added over time.u00a0 And today we can choose to read the best of both approaches.u00a0 Same thing now.

    • Anonymous

      The 5 year thing doesn’t apply to Batman, its more like 10 years. The 5 year thing only applies to the public discovery of superheroes, batman was said to be working behind the scenes.nnDC has said this several times, but whatever…

  • Scott

    Scott Snyder has come to be one of my favorite writers. I feel like there is always a story beneath the story which reveals itself on second (and sometimes third) readings. Clearly any comic book with his name on it as a writer is in good hands.

  • Kwasmand

    SNyder is the greatest acquisition by dc or any other major Publisher since Geoff Johns. I hope he keeps writing stories in GOtham forever.

  • Louis

    I loved Batman # 1 but, I had a hard time seeing Dick Grayson look so much younger and shorter than Bruce. I mean we’re talking about the guy that was Batman for almost 2 years.His looku00a0should be closer to Bruce’s than it is.

    • Mr_Wayne

      And even then he was shorter and younger then Bruce. Gordon said as much through dialog on few occasions during Grayson’s Batman run. Soooo…???

      • Louis

        Yes Mr_Wayne you are right about what Gordon said during Grayson’s run as Batman. But the way that he’s drawn in Batman # 1 next tou00a0Bruce, Tim & Damien , he looks like he’s 15-16 years old and only about 5’6″, that’s my only complaint about the book. He should be about 5″11″ and look like about 21-22 imho.I’m not knocking Capullo’s art work, his art work is really excellent overall !

  • Chastmastr

    So each Robin was a Robin for a year? u00a0And that means Batman was solo for the first 5 years of his JLA time?n

  • Brain

    “The stories that you love as a reader and I love as a reader are there and they’re intact and they happened and they can be referenced and they will be..”n…unless of course they involved the Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle relationship…y’know, like The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Hush, the Brubaker Catwoman run, Heart of Hush, the first two issues of Batman Inc…then you’re %#@* out of luck.

  • Alexward2010

    I can’t stand this reviewer. He never knows anything about the creators he’s interviewing and (unintentionally, perhaps) insults them. “You’ve made quite a career for yourself in comics, and I’m sure that has a lot to do with luck…” Read “Voodoo Heart” and then you can say that. Scott Snyder is a brilliant writer.

  • Kombat Wombat

    Basically DC are taking us for a bunch of cunts. Not even their writers can explain away the stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    See I originally thought they were going a different way. I figured the “You’re real?” line of GL’s in Justice League meant that Batman had been operating longer than everyone else, just in secret, and it wasn’t until 5 years ago that he was “Outed.” I figured this meant that Batman had been operating since his early twenties and thus had the time to go through the 3 Robins at roughly 2-4 years apiece. I figure 4 years for DIck before he goes to join NTT, then 1.5-2 years for Jason before he dies, and 3 years for Tim and now Damien has just become robin over the last year. Now specific time frames would be loose in the DCNU but I figured that saying Batman had operated for a few years in secret explained Batman’s timing loosely but well.

  • Chastmastr

    I don’t mind the condensed timescale–it’s a new continuity. u00a0(They can say it’s not a reboot, but it is still effectively a new universe.) u00a0Still want to confirm–each Robin lasted a year, right? u00a0Were there any Robins before Justice League started?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TRZ23XUYPUU3L2DER22GGVHMPA e

    Nothing about Swamp Thing?nnDisappointing……