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CBR TV @ NYCC 2011: Terry Moore on “Rachel Rising,” the “Terryverse” & More

Terry Moore, of “Strangers in Paradise” fame, spoke with CBR TV about the longevity of his career and the specific hurdles faced by independent comic book creators, the current industry landscape, the relationship between self-publisher and retailers and his occasional side-trips into the world of mainstream, work-for-hire projects.

In discussing his current project, “Rachel Rising,” Moore comments on the possibility of a crossover between his various series in the far future, using Robert A. Heinlein’s blueprint as inspiration and the benefit of planning his series in such a way that they all relate to each other on some level.

The artist, known for his illustrating beautiful women, spoke on the idea that in order to work in comics, you have to be a bit of a pervert, and his taking that concept as something of a compliment, the way in which it informs his work and the industry’s current fascination with violence rather than sex.

  • Tim D-Barkles

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