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CBR TV 2011: Todd McFarlane & Stan Lee on Lasting Characters, Working in the Industry & More

On the occasion of the release of “Spawn” #200 earlier this year, McFarlane stopped by Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood to celebrate with fans. During the celebration McFarlane brought Stan Lee with him to CBR’s Hollywood studio for a special, once-in-a-lifetime interview.

During the course of this nearly-25 minute interview, McFarlane and Lee discuss what’s needed to create lasting characters, how to stay inspired and Lee’s more than 50 years in the comics industry, including Lee’s recently awarded star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the cultural and intellectual value of the medium of comic books versus prose novels, the role of comics in expanding kids’ vocabulary and knowledge, how Lee’s initial embarrassment at working into comics leading to him taking on a pen name that eventually became world famous, the metamorphosis of comic conventions over the decades, encouraging aspiring creators to push on with their dreams and much more.

  • Kevin

    Stan Rocks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chuck-Abernathy/1442035489 Chuck Abernathy

    Shatner’s Raw Nerve this ain’t….

  • Aldon_rain

    Kind of disappointing that they spent so much time on that beginning subject.

  • John

    Who keeps laughing in the background? Is that a CBR rep? if so, not cool.. didn’t really make it “serious”.. still decent anyway. The “Comic Book Greats “episode with Stan lee and Tod Mcfarlane was a bit more inspiring.

  • mine

    Todd the Dork?

  • Hongs420

    theres alot of knee touching going on..

  • Hongs420

    theres alot of knee touching going on..

  • Abdullah82m

    Loved it.

  • Abdullah82m

    Loved it.

  • Jim Delite

    Fun interview — loved that it was passionate and light hearted. Thanks, Todd & Stan!

  • Liquidyears

    Stan and Todd were lots of fun. Great interview and well done!

  • Graham Lawrence

    Oh boy, it doesn’t matter how great some people’s contributions and attitudes are, there are always some “commentators” who can only find something to moan about, aren’t there. You could give them a time machine and send them back to interview Jesus of Nazareth, and they’d come back and say “Well, there was a bit too much moaning about the Pharisees, and it was all terribly economically depressed at that time, and those fishermen really should have spent a bit more time washing and a bit less time listening to stories.”

  • Cwunga

    Two legends. Too bad we have no Todd McFarlane or Stan Lee coming down the pipe to add some rock and roll and spice things up and revitalize the industry…

    • Scottea

      There’s me, but like Stan said, many people don’t accept new ideas, which is making it a little more challenging. I’ll wow you eventually, True Believer!

  • Scottea

    I used to not care for Stan because I thought he was just trying too hard to be cool, but now, I love him because he keeps that act up all day long and it is totally awesome. On Twitter, in interviews, and all over the place he is always a huge role model for me. Really alleviates my fears about getting old. Excelsior!

  • Xicano

    Really cool. Back in the 90’s in the early days of Image I never thought I’d see this interview between these 2 guys. Really cool.

  • Yetto

    So McFarlane reads Thor and he lears a lot about greek mythology? Now that’s badass.