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CBR TV @ WC 2011: Chris Roberson on “Superman,” “iZombie” & More

CBR TV spoke with Chris Roberson about his meteoric career in comics, beginning with Bill Willingham’s offer to write an issue of “Jack of Fables,” to his solo gig on the “Fables” spinoff “Cinderella” miniseries to his co-creator-owned “iZombie.”

Roberson readily admits his luck at working closely with Mike Allred on an ongoing project, then explains his and Allred’s unique take on zombie lore before discussing the unique challenge of taking over “Superman” from J. Michael Straczynski in the middle of JMS’ highly publicized run, working from the acclaimed writer’s outline and the freedom he found to craft his own stories while remaining true to the overall concept he inherited.

The writer also discusses his homage to the “Super Dictionary,” bringing the bit about Lex Luthor stealing forty pies into DC continuity and in the process, inadvertently stealing the joke from then-“Action Comics” writer Paul Cornell.

CBR apologizes for the quality of the picture in the interview