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CBR TV @ WC 2011: Rick Remender on “Uncanny X-Force,” “Venom,” “Fear Agent”

Rick Remender, the writer of “Venom,” “Uncanny X-Force,” “Fear Agent” and more, spoke with CBR TV at WonderCon about his upcoming sequel to “Last Days of American Crime” and his general shift away from the independent comics scene to working for Marvel.

Remender comments on the overall positive reception he and artist Jerome Opeña have enjoyed on “X-Force,” describing the amount of work that went into the title before the first issue ever hit the stands, delving a bit into the events surrounding Archangel and how the character’s lack of historical explanation fueled the character’s storyline.

His and Tony Moore’s initial “Venom” issues were also discussed, with Remender explaining his new take on the title character before segueing into a discussion of the finale of “Fear Agent,” his, Moore and Opeña’s ongoing series of miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics.

  • http://www.thevenomsite.com The Venom Site

    Remender is the best thing to happen to Venom since Todd McFarlane

  • zombietag

    eh i dont know about him being the best since mcfarlane.nnbut x-force is the best marvel book coming out right now. maybe the best period.