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CBR TV 2011: Ziggy Marley Discusses “Marijuanaman” & More

Reggae superstar turned comic creator Ziggy Marley dropped by the CBR TV studios to discuss his new Image Comics one-shot “Marijuanaman,” written by Joe Casey with Jim Mahfood on art.

Ziggy went into detail on how the comic developed from its initial concept to the final, published project, the character’s Superman influences, plans for further Marijuanaman adventures to be released annually on April 20. He also revealed his father Bob Marley’s taste in comics, explained why printing the comic on hemp paper didn’t happen, the public’s misunderstanding of hemp and much, much more.

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    Excellent interview! Ziggy is a cool, cool dude. The small black & white comics he mentions his dad reading were probably ‘Commando’, a long-running series of British war comics. Finding out that Bob Marley used to read them has made my day!n