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CBR TV @ C2E2 2011: Jeph Loeb on “Captain America: White,” “Astonishing Spider-Man” & More

Marvel Television’s Jeph Loeb spoke with Kiel Phegley at C2E2 and teased future projects with Frank Cho and Ed McGuinness, the continuing work on “Captain America White” and “Astonishing Spider-Man,” his approach to working on “Ultimate X” with Arthur Adams, building the creative team for the animated “Ultimate Spider-Man” series and their goals for the project and much, much more.

  • Alex

    He mentioned “Astonishing’ Spider-man as it is called I guess. It’s become like the Lochness monster, you heard about it but all you get is a couple pictures of questionable validity. :)nnSpeaking of Ultimate Spider-man (a series that actually exists) I hope they keep that book and the other Ultimate books going for the future.