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CBR TV 2011: DC Comics’ New 52 Creators, Part 4 – Elevating Their Titles’ Characters

CBR TV asked DC Comics’ New 52 creators Dan DiDio, Kyle Higgins, Scott Lobdell, Brian Buccellato, Sterling Gates, Adam Glass, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Bernard Chang and Mike Costa, how they plan to go about elevating the visibility of the lesser-known characters in their respective titles, especially when taking into account the new readers DC is attempting to appeal to.

  • Matt

    Scott Lobdell is talking about treating characters with respect. Also, I think he realized the irony, which is why he stumbled. This amuses me.

    • Anonymous

      I’d feel uneasy if I was in his position, too. DC gave him his marching orders. He followed them and the fans are blaming him for it. Not an easy position to be in; finding a balance between personal reputation and respecting your current employer.

    • Godlike13

      Ya, i chuckled after i heard the one…

  • Fero

    Sorry Mr.Lobdell theres a thing out there called the real world and there are plenty of B to Z listers to choose from,the question was what would you do to elevate your characters title and geting these characters out there,not what you think of what letter in the alphabet they fall under.

  • Omegasaga

    so typical… ALL PR bs and no heart of truth anywhere to be found.nnScottLobdellsu00a0 snippet was so perfect… lets show long standing characters respect… but in the comic its exactly the opposite. lolu00a0 Im sure he made Marv Wolfman & George Perez proud.nnLets disrespect a character, then backtrack to the fans online….nnIronically i liked REDHOOD & the OUTLAWS… but he twisted the characters to the point that they are different people and thats what kills the book.nn

    • Outside_85

      Thats the problem I have with all of his books, the names and faces are there, but it’s like they are other people pretending to be them. (Maybe they are all brainwashed White Martians? :) )

  • TC

    em..? Did any of them actually answer the question?

  • Anonymous

    It’s a pity Nightwing #1 wasn’t more “WOW!” than “meh”. He’s such an inherently cool character– I think if more people outside the comics-reader circle knew who he WAS, the idea of him being “B-list” wouldn’t even come up. I was sold the second I learned he was grown-up first-Robin. How COOL is that? Sometimes I wonder if DC writers/staff are so used to their own culture, to the longstanding ideas/characters/DCU stories– that they can’tu00a0perceiveu00a0the simple concepts with the greatest potential to attract broader audiences.u00a0nnY’know. Like female characters who are “developed” in more than cup-size. (cheap shot, maybe, butu00a0revisitingu00a0that image ofu00a0corseted-Harley Quinn is making my stomach church)u00a0

  • http://www.facebook.com/skmr14 Jeff Baker

    When I ordered the DC 52 I was not expecting most of the comics I have gotten to read to be so bold, story driven, characters with attitudes. I have read 14 of the 52 in alphabetical order and so far I’m hooked. Hopefully DC will keeping doing what they are doing, while improving and building on what they have started.