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CBR TV @ WC 2011: Jason Aaron Dishes on “X-Men: Schism,” “Scalped” and College Football

Jason Aaron stopped by CBR TV’s WonderCon Tiki Room to discuss fan and pro reaction to his CBR column “Where The Hell Am I,” the amplified expectations for his first major event in “X-Men: Schism” and the potential longterm effects the story will have on the X-Universe as a whole and the relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops specifically.

Aaron also spoke about the challenge of writing a character from Grant Morrison’s X-run, the possibility of a “Scalped” television show, the eventual end of the acclaimed Vertigo series and much more.

  • Scud

    I hope if they make a Scalped show they make it closer to the comic than Walking Dead did.

  • Guest

    u00a0Crap.u00a0 Another &*($ video rather than an easy-to-read text interview.

    • Scud

      You’re kidding right? I hope you are.

      • Guest

        u00a0No, not kidding at all. u00a0I just skip over video interviews altogether and hope to run across whatever relevant information is in it elsewhere eventually. u00a0I read rather quickly, so skimming through a text interview to see if it has new stuff I’m interested in can take a couple of seconds, but sitting through twelve minutes of video in HOPES of MAYBE finding something interesting to me that I didn’t already know from other sources is more time than I care to spend. u00a0(I also wonder — since comics are a soundless medium — how deaf people, who can read and enjoy the comics, feel about not being able to access an interview about the medium.)

        • Tomstewdevine

          I love the video’s, it’s nice to see your favorite creators

  • Bic

    That’s an unfortunate location for the interview since it looks for all the worldu00a0like Jason Aaron has a plastic parrot on his shoulder.u00a0 Then again, the parrot does sort of complete his outfit.u00a0

  • Hbhg

    Yea I’m on my phone so I’d also rather have a text interview. Fuck me, right?