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CBR TV @ WC 2011: Marvel Comics’ Axel Alonso Discusses Event Comics, Digital vs. Print & More

Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso makes his CBR TV debut, giving his recommendation for the best taqueria in the San Francisco area before diving into his new position and responsibilities at Marvel, the current state of the comics market and evolving the Marvel Universe and its characters.

Alonso also weighs in on event comics and their current status in the eyes of fans and retailers, the readers’ need for stories that “matter” and the future of Marvel’s event storylines. The topic of print comics versus digital is also raised, with Alonso weighing in with his personal beliefs and experiences on the controversial subject.

  • http://twitter.com/tomdaylight tom daylight

    Oh, by the headline I thought you meant Joe Quesada’s old shop.

  • Will.S

    Very good, honest, and informative interview Jonah. nnThumbs up.

  • Layters

    Whats the bet those tacos he thinks are the best in the world are really stale and boring and nobody else likes them.

    • http://www.living-silver.com Living Silver

      Actually the tacos he’s talking about are extremely delicious. If you are worried about their authenticity, the taqueria he’s talking about is legit.

  • http://www.living-silver.com Living Silver

    One of the reasons that Civil War sold so well is that it was the first major event in a LONG time. The grandeur of Marvel’s special events has worn off, and none will sell as well as Civil War until there is another extended break between events. nnFor obvious reasons, you will not hear Marvel admit this. It is probably more profitable for them to make event books that don’t sell as well than it would be for them to give the event books a break for 2-4 years in exchange for a smash event again.