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CBR TV @ WC 2011: Brannon Braga & Alex Graves Bring “Terra Nova” to Life

“Terra Nova” executive producers Brannon Braga and Alex Graves spoke with CBR TV about the creation of the new dinosaur-centric Fox series, the show’s environmental message, the overall concept and scale of the show, the challenge [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2011: Producer Ethan Spaulding & Art Director Dan Norton on “ThunderCats”

CBR TV spoke with Producer Ethan Spaulding and Art Director Dan Norton about the upcoming “ThunderCats” series on Cartoon Network, its anime influences, remaining true to the spirit of the original show while updating it and [...]

CBR TV @ C2E2 2011: Kyle Higgins & Scott Snyder Explore DC Comics’ “Gates of Gotham”

Co-writers Kyle Higgins and Scott Snyder spoke with CBR TV about their just-launched miniseries “Batman: Gates of Gotham,” from the story’s origins as a Gotham City-based mystery to a layered tale exploring the rich history of [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2011: “ThunderCats'” Larry Kenney, Michael Jelenic on Re-imaginings, Secrecy & Lion-O

“ThunderCats” writer Michael Jelenic and the original voice of Lion-O Larry Kenney visited CBR TV to discuss the upcoming revamp of the classic cartoon, re imagining the ThunderCats concept while maintaining the spirit and heart of [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2011: Jason Aaron Dishes on “X-Men: Schism,” “Scalped” and College Football

Jason Aaron discusses fan and pro reaction to his CBR column "Where The Hell Am I," the amplified expectations for his first major event in "X-Men: Schism" and the potential longterm effects the story will have on the X-Universe as a whole and the relationship between Wolverine and Cyclops specifically.

CBR TV 2011: Robert Kirkman Introduces Super Dinosaur to the FCBD Crowds

Co-creator and writer Robert Kirkman introduced the world -- and the crowds at Hollywood's Golden Apple Comics -- to Super Dinosaur! In addition to wowing fans on the street, Kirkman and "Super Dinosaur" artist Jason Howard were on hand throughout the day to sign autographs and talk to fans.

CBR TV 2011: Ziggy Marley Discusses “Marijuanaman” & More

Reggae superstar turned comic creator Ziggy Marley dropped by the CBR TV studios to discuss his new Image Comics one-shot “Marijuanaman,” written by Joe Casey with Jim Mahfood on art. Ziggy went into detail on how [...]

CBR TV @ WC 2011: Robert Kirkman Talks “Walking Dead,” Stephen King, Michael Rooker & More

"The Walking Dead's" Robert Kirkman elaborates on Stephen King and Joe Hill's potential involvement in the TV show, touches on Michael Rooker's character, the disparity in reactions between comic fans and TV series fans to the CDC storyline and much, much more.

CBR TV @ WC 2011: James Gunn on “Super,” Comic Books & Grant Morrison’s Robin

"Super" writer/director James Gunn visited CBR TV to discuss the origins of his new Rainn Wilson-starring movie, the movie's role in the sub-genre of subversively dark super hero films, his love of Grant Morrison's Damian Wayne and much more.

CBR TV 2011: Hiddleston, Dennings and Alexander Reflect on “Thor”

"Thor" stars Tom Hiddleston, Kat Dennings and Jaimie Alexander spoke with CBR TV about their work on the film and shared some anecdotes from the set.

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