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“ThunderCats’” Larry Kenney, Michael Jelenic on Re-imaginings, Secrecy & Lion-O’s Father

“ThunderCats” writer Michael Jelenic and the original voice of Lion-O Larry Kenney visited CBR TV to discuss the upcoming revamp of the classic cartoon, re imagining the ThunderCats concept while maintaining the spirit and heart of the original show, the challenge in successfully updating the show for a modern audience, Kenney’s transition from playing Lion-O to his new role as Lion-O’s father Lord Claudius, maintaining the secrecy surrounding the relaunch’s storyline and much more.

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  • Anonymous

    Larry Kenney is just AWESOME. No other way to put it. Glad that he’s involved with the new show.nu00a0

  • Anonymous

    u00a0It is kind of surreal hearing and seeing him.

  • Anonymous

    u00a0It is kind of surreal hearing and seeing him.

  • Thad

    Jelenic’s too modest — of COURSE you can top the original Thundercats.u00a0 And I say that as a lifelong fan.nnAnd as a lifelong fan, I’m very much looking forward to this.n

  • David

    No HTML5 player…fail.