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CBR TV @ C2E2 2012: Geoff Johns Talks “Aquaman” Deaths & New “Justice League” Villains

DC Comics’ COO and writer of “Justice League,” “Aquaman” and “Green Lantern” Geoff Johns spoke with CBR TV from the floor of C2E2, divulging further details about the publisher’s incoming Free Comic Book Day offering, melding epic action with personal stories in “Green Lantern” and touching on the recent controversy over the 8-page introduction and death of Iranian-hero Kahina the Seer in the pages of “Aquaman.”

  • Johnny_t

    Both DC and Marvel have just kept going with their deaths for the sake of both that and publicity stunts, among other actions that simply register as tasteless. No valid or convincing human drama, no nothing, just more violence, deaths, and other vulgar acts for the sake of desperate publicity is what they’re doing.

    Worst part is how Geoff Johns and Joe Quesada were promoted to “chief creative officers” for their companies, and neither are any good, as time has told.

    Sooner or later, Marvel and DC are going to find that their incompetence and lack of communication with the wider audience will lead to the shutdown of their book publishing divisions, and a large trail of destruction will be left behind.