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CBR TV 2012: James McTeigue on “The Raven,” “V For Vendetta,” Occupy Wall Street

Director James McTeigue dropped by the CBR TV studios in Hollywood to discuss his latest film, the John Cusack-helmed “The Raven,” which places writer Edgar Allan Poe in the midst of his own story, attempting to solve the mystery of who was using his writing as the basis for real-world murders. McTiegue and Cusack worked long and hard on creating a “composite Poe” based on biographical information from numerous sources, resulting in a character who retained the essence of the actual writer. McTiegue spoke about his experiences while filming “V For Vendetta,” the movie adapted from Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s classic comic, reminiscing about filming his first major motion picture while security was situated on the rooftops surrounding their shooting. The director also spoke to the co-opting of the “V” mask by the Occupy movement, saying he likes seeing it because “what they’re saying speaks to what the film was speaking about,” revealing that the mask actually presented a large challenge in shooting the movie due to it completely obscuring the face of Hugo Weaving.