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CBR TV @ WC 2012: Bob Schreck on Legendary Comics, “Dark Knight Strikes Again”

Legendary Comics Editor-in-Chief Bob Schreck spoke with CBR TV at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA to discuss his role at the head of Legendary’s publishing arm, “The Dark Knight Strikes,” and more.

Schreck began his appearance discussing the benefits and downsides to the “Shrek” movies before diving into his nearly 30-year history in the industry, from his days as a fan to learning about the industry at the hand of Archie Goodwin early in his career. Since then, Schreck has gone on to work at Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, IDW Publishing, founded Oni Press and more. He has enough stories from along the way to fill a tell-all book, which he claims to have begun writing, though there’s no publication in sight.

Turning to his current gig, Schreck discusses “The Tower Chronicles,” the Legendary project by longtime friend and collaborator Matt Wagner, Legendary Chairman and CEO Thomas Tull and artist Simon Bisley. He describes what it is the publisher looks for in comic pitches and the fact that they do not shy away from controversial projects, as evidenced by Frank Miller’s “Holy Terror.” Schreck also recalled the scene in “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” featuring Batman flying a plane into Lex Luthor’s tower, telling the story behind DC Comics’ decision to publish the series as it stood, written prior to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

  • http://www.gregpak.com/entries/002275.shtml D.Smithee

    That was highly entertaining–it makes me sleep better at night knowing Bob Schreck is still going strong in the industry. 

  • rpi

    I’m sure he’s a swell guy, but he presided over the worst period of Batman comics since I’ve been reading them. War Games may be the worst Batman story of the modern age.