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CBR TV @ WC 2012: Brian Buccellato on the NBA, “The Flash,” & More

“The Flash” co-writer and colorist Brian Buccellato dropped in on CBR TV during WonderCon to discuss Los Angeles traffic, maintaining his Yankees loyalty despite living in LA, the current state of the NBA and Jeremy Lin’s meteoric rise and the secret origin of the scar on his head.

Once the conversation swings to comics, Buccellato opens up a bit about his self-published title, “Foster,” discusses his partnership with his “Flash” co-writer/artist Francis Manapul, how they balance the writing chores and the strengths they each bring to the table, with Buccellato stating he feels he’s a better writer than colorist, and would be more than happy to give up coloring entirely, except for Manapul’s art.

  • Serpico71

    ok, enough with sports talk AND THIS COMING FROM A UK WILDCAT FAN!  I come to this site to ESCAPE THAT!

    • Serpico71

      OK, once they got to the fLASH it did make me want to do something I’ve rarely ever done and that is to study a colorists work on the illustrator

  • Apologiezzz

    Would an interviewer chat to Jeremy Lin for 4 minutes of 12 about comic books on an NBA website? No.  Especially when it’s just idle chit chat, not really talking about Brian’s take on the NBA.  But, the comic chat was good, especially about how he prefers writing to colouring (despite the fact that the flash is the best coloured book (along with Batwoman/jh williams) of the new 52.  Sorry to be negative, but half of the interview was really good! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/hartleyholmberg Hartley Holmberg

    Amen to that guys.

    If I want sports (which I don’t. Ever.) I’ll go to a sports site.
    Its like comic fans feel the need to overcompensate by proving that they like “acceptable” geekery as well.
    Man up!
    Comics are all you need to talk about!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5VPQCEUQYO5N67LVHBYTBJVZYY Huy

    I’m sorry I came here for comics. I have much respect for Lin but coming here to hear sports turned me off.