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CBR TV @ WC 2012: James Asmus on “Generation Hope,” “Captain America & Bucky”

Writer James Asmus spoke with Kiel Phegley on CBR TV during WonderCon about Asmus’ burgeoning career, the similarities between working in comics and making a living as an actor — Asmus’ other career — and how he came to work for Marvel, writing “Generation Hope” and co-writing “Captain America and Bucky” with Ed Brubaker, while helping to write a season of “America’s Top Model.”

Foscusing his comics writing, Asmus explained how his first Marvel gig , a one-off story featuring Wolverine and Asmus’ favorite character, Nightcrawler, ended up being recognized by NPR’s “This American Life” and the resulting limited edition print of a blow-up panel form the story.

Reflecting on “Generation Hope,” Asmus duscusses how he came onto the title and placed his stamp on a book that had such a clearly defined voice and purpose, saying that the characters’ newness helped since there were so many undiscovered aspects to them to, as well as the freedom the upcoming AvX crossover added, allowing him to put the characters through the wringer in a way that may not have existed had the title had a future beyond the mega-crossover.

Asmus’ looks back on his experience co-writing with Brubaker, the new comics writer explaining how much he learned from the industry veteran, teases an upcoming series from Marvel (which has not yet been announced) and promotes his Avengers/Visa crossover promotional comic.