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CBR TV @ WC 2012: Khary Payton on “Young Justice,” “Powers”

Khary Payton, the voice of Aqualad on “Young Justice” (as well as Cybog from Teen Titans, Go”) spoke with CBR TV about his career, both in animation and live-action.

When discussing the popular DC cartoon, Khary exclaims “You have no idea!” in reference to the fact that the show has layers upon layers of sub-plots, twists and turns, the fact that he’s been able to develop this version of Aqualad from the ground up, developing the character and voice for Kaldur’ahm without referencing comics for guidance and the differences between Aqualad’s voice and Cyborg’s.

Speaking of Cyborg – Payton’s first animation gig – he expressed his enjoyment at returning to the character for the currently-running DC Nation shorts, saying that the family atmosphere in the studio really shone through in the cartoon.

In the live-action arena, Payton spoke on the indie film he’s currently promoting,”The Last Push,” which was developed and shot by himself and his friend and has already received critical acclaim.

Finally, Payton discusses his role on “Powers,” the FX pilot based on Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming’s comic series, expressing his hope that the project makes it to the small screen, describing it as the “coolest thing that’s going to be on television,” though he may not be a part of the final project if it’s picked up as he’s moved on to other projects.

  • Roxas2016


  • Orphan

    Hopefully this gig pays well it’s sad to see anyone stuck with a lame character like Aqualad and I don’t what derivation the character is from.

    • Roxas2016

      Aqualad is the best character on the show. 

      • Anonymous

        he’s pretty bad ass. I enjoy red arrow and robin as well, the show all around is freakin awesome