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CBR TV @ WC 2012: Len Wein Talks “Before Watchmen”

Len Wein helps CBR TV kick off its 2012 WonderCon coverage to discuss his history with Watchmen, from editing the original 12-issue series to contributing the “Tales of the Crimson Corsair” back-up story and writing the “Ozymandias” miniseries for the upcoming Before Watchmen event.

Wein described his hands-off approach to editing Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons as they crafted their original series and revealed his initial reaction upon hearing that DC planned to revisit the property. He explains his differing approaches to his two Before Watchmen projects, reveals exactly when and where his Ozymandias story begins and explains what the concept behind his Crimson Corsair story.

Beyond Before Watchmen, Wein recalls his experience losing his collection and personal belongings in a house fire in 2009, the outpouring of help from friends and fans alike and what he most enjoys about writing for television.

  • JCM

    Generally speaking no thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JonesDeini Jonesy Stark

    I’m honestly surprised that this took so long. Creators intent be damned, if it makes money/is popular DC/Marvel will milk it until it’s dry and desolate. That being said, I have to respectfully disagree with Wein here. I won’t be buying a single one of these books because I feel that they aren’t legit. I know that these people are (overall) some of the current industries most talented, but this just feels like over glorified fan fiction to me. Not just because Moore doesn’t endorse them, but because Watchmen said everything it needed to. This applies to both the characters and their world. All the back story I needed was there, and the story had an appropriate end point. If somebody else wants to read these then fine, have at them. But as far as I’m concerned I have zero need for prequels/sequels no matter who’s doing them. Hell, I’m about 95% certain that I wouldn’t read these had they been written by Moore himself. I must acknowledge the delicious irony of Len Wein working on Moore’s creation though. That’s truly rich, folk.  

  • JD

    I won’t read these because I don’t read fanfiction.

    • http://www.facebook.com/JonesDeini Jonesy Stark


  • Alton

    Len Wein was hands off on the original project because he didn’t have a clue what it was about.It was so far above Wein’s head it is hysterical.The fact he was paid to sit around for several months collecting a paycheck while doing nothing makes me wonder about DC’s overall business model at that time.This is like the octogenarian hooker way past her prime who’s trying to work a frat party.When it’s exploitative and not yours to rework that is exactly what it is.Along with Azzarello and Darwin Cooke another writer not to support any longer.To do this to a creator who reworked your Swamp Thing and made it stand head and shoulders above your simple rip off of the Heap is astounding.